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Near Redcliff, CO862 viewsThe Tennessee Pass line passes under 2 bridges here at Redcliff, about halfway between Minturn and Tennessee Pass. The arch bridge is Hwy. US 24. Yes, this is the same US 24 that is Telegraph Rd. in the Detroit area.SW
CSXT 2669836 viewsCSXT 2669 leads Y221 along Seward Ave. They just passed under I-196 and are heading up to the GRE for interchange. Jeem is drivin..... 06/11/06
GTW 9013812 viewsHarrison Road ,East Lansing, Fall of 1965, Scan from 35mm Slide of GTW F3A 9013flafiretwo
811 viewsRapid City Engine House
Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern RR
March 2009
Larry G
NS 10R Eastbound at Vickers 12/15/08786 viewsBNSF 1120 with a miss-matched nose door leads a GP60B and NS Dash 9 on NS 10R Eastbound at CP 285 on the Chicago line.MDH
765 & 1225 approaching Rosebush, Michigan784 views10-3-09Larry G
Amtrak P370774 viewsAmtrak P370 blasting through Bridgeman?, Pepsi unit 519 in the lead. Video taken by Rsinoms. 06/15/06~Z~
Rude local769 viewsCross the tracks twice, yelling at us for being railfans, and you get what you deserve. 09/30/06~Z~
Transformers, more than meets the eye!767 viewsLast video, catching W985 with BNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848 and CPOX 820 with Optimus Prime... err... a transformer load from West Olive. Watching them cruise by Ivanrest in Grandville. 09/20/06 ~Z~
NS 1452758 viewsNS 1452 leads Z739 south past the Amtrak depot in Grand Rapids, heading back to it's home rails in Hugart Yard. 06/27/06~Z~
Manistique Michigan..the SOO750 viewsTaken in 1982..Eastboundgtw5812
740 viewscsx801
722 views~Z~
Amtrak 508718 viewsGot an early start out of Muskegon, snowing most of the way to Holland, then a break in the clouds. Heard this might be leading, and sure enough, lucked out with strong sunlight and the dark snowstorm behind. 11/23/08~Z~
714 views~Z~
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