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July 11th395 viewsJuly 11 Part 1 - CSX Q327. The switch ahead was stuck in normal mode, needing the conductor to switch it manually to reverse. 07/11/04 ~Z~
395 views~Z~
Burlington stock car - steel.jpg
Wrecked Stock Car - Steel Ends - Burlington, MI395 viewsOne of two wrecked stock cars from a 1960 wreck on the NYC Air Line near Tekonsha, and now stripped of wheelsets and undercarriage equipment, it is in a field at the NE corner of M-60 and 12 MI Road near Burlington, MI. 5-6-05GP30M4216
Cumbres&Toltec Scenic RR Osier, Colorado 9-30-10395 viewsA beautiful fall day at Osier as the EB approaches. Coal dock, water tank, and station comes into view on the delightful trip. Train is minutes from the great lunch stop included in the ticket price.Larry G
393 views~Z~
K905 derailment393 viewsA back hoe working hard to remove the rotting ties from the derailment of CSX K905 the day before. Taken 05/23/04~Z~
CSX D727393 viewsCSX D727 heads south past Pontaluna Rd, giving a toot of the horn toward the nightwatching railfans. 09/27/04~Z~
CHS Dinner Train393 views10-13-09 Finds the CHS Dinner Train just passing the old approach signal at MP J34.1 on the old NYC/PC grade between Jackson and Grand Rapids. A senior tour bus group is enjoying a crisp fall ride along this route today. The signal mast is a remnant from the time the line crossed the GTW mainline at Charlotte.Larry G
Michigan's Railroad System--MDOT393 viewsSaturnalia
393 viewsDT&I
Elkhart Depot392 viewsElkhart Depot. Photo by NN of Chessie Chapter.~Z~
GTW Operatons Charlotte 1976392 viewsTop 4-6-76 GTW train is moving off the main line onto the interchange track at Charlotte to work former PC line.
Middle 4-6-76 Same train is crossing Cochran Ave. going into the lumber yard on the interchange track.
Bottom 4-6-76 Locomotive moving train through Johnson's Lumber Company on interchange track facing NE.
Larry G
Former Penn Central Trestle on Thornapple River392 viewsFall view of the PC trestle near Shaytown Rd in Western Eaton County. Nature is reclaiming the grade. In this view from the river bank you are looking north-west.Larry G
1963 Downtown and north end of PRR/NYC railyards391 viewsRaildudes dad
CSXT 6479391 viewsGood 'ol lineup of power is seen just before the sun went behind the trees at the west end of Wyoming Yard. 06/17/07~Z~
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