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ATSF 347C(F7A) ATSF 347B(F3B) at the California State Railroad Museum400 viewsTaken in the summer of '03. Not sure of the exact date, as the exif data on my old Olympus didn't include the date and time.J T
NKP 765 and SP 4449 Steaming400 viewsNKP 765 noses past SP 4449 on ajacent track, July 22, 2009Larry G
05/01/04 Message board meeting in Durand399 viewsHere's the group of guys from the MSMB meeting. Won't include names, unless someone would like to be mentioned. I'm standing just to the right of the fellow with the CSX hat. 05/01/04 ~Z~
Amtrak 28399 viewsAmtrak #28 whizzing by Lawson Ice Arena at WMU in the rain @ 7:33pm on 06/04/03 ~Z~
BNSF new units399 viewsCSX and BNSF merging? Nah, it's just some new swoosh units heading for points west. 10/02/05

CSXT 4739 WESTBOUND 10:02 AM Q11301 50 LOADS
CSXT 4722
BNSF 5815
BNSF 5812
BNSF 5813
BNSF 5816
BNSF 5814
BNSF 5817
BNSF 5818
CSXT 9245399 viewsAfter dropping off their boxcars at Victor Barnes, Y290 with CSXT 9245 drone and CSXT 2682 grab their Chessie caboose 903101 (ex C&O 3101) and head back north towards Wyoming Yard. 08/08/06~Z~
Mystery Steam Engine - Returns399 viewsFound two more 35mm slide images of the # ........ as it approaches Trowbridge. Perhaps this will provide a little more information. Still don't know why it was here in 1965?flafiretwo
New Locos399 viewsMick
ME398 viewstaken a little before we left for chi for the day - tsinoms - trevor
398 viewsRailwidow
Amtrak Phase III P32-8398 viewsYpsi
398 viewsDT&I
NS 1450397 viewsTrains waiting to head east, photo in Elkhart by NN of the Chessie Chapter.~Z~
Abandoned tracks397 viewsTracks that lead to trees. Alcott St. in Kzoo @ 12:25pm on 04/11/03 ~Z~
Amtrak 90218 North Pass.JPG
Amtrak NPCU #90218396 viewsAfter suffering a hot bearing on the second axle, engineer's side, Amtrak F40 Cab #90218 was set out from train 350 on April 14, 2005, and the train was delayed until Amtrak 353 arrived to offer an eastbound engine. Overall, quite a headache! Number 90218 rested on Botsford Yard's North Pass for a few days before a repair crew was able to come out and replace the bearing. This photo is from April 15, 2005. The signals and switches at West Botsford are in the background.GP30M4216
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