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Sooline 6042403 viewsSooline 6042 and another matching unit lead CP X511 under I-196 and over a creek in Jenison. Taken 09/11/04~Z~
UP 8612 Eastbound on the Toledo Wye Headed for Detroit 10/24/2006403 viewsStitch
Bracket Signal on the CSX403 viewsThis is the last remaining active bracket signal on the CSX in Michigan, located at the south end of the Grand Blanc passing siding on the CSX Saginaw Subdivision. The Saginaw Subdivision is home to a number of cantilever and mast signals in the Flint region, but this is the only bracket signal of this type. Lansing also had a few bracket types with semaphores back in the day, and a few of the old frames remain near Ensel Yard, but today out of service. April 30, 2008.GP30M4216
CP Rail SD40-2403 viewsA Canadien Pacific train heads west across Plymouth diamond as the conductor grabs the train orders.KVERBERK
Blue Morning403 views6:14 am and 6 minutes after sunrise but you can't tell this
morning. The head end of 390 waits to pull pickups from
the yard at Durand.

May 20, 2011
Clear to Imlay403 viewsCN 2613 with mixed freight westbound on a Friday night
at the west end of the Emmett siding.

October 18, 2013
Indiana Hi-Rail at Napoleon402 viewsIn the early days of the Indiana Hi-Rail operation of the former N&W between Woodburn (IN) and Liberty Center (OH), Alco power ruled supreme. Here on a crisp March 1990 afternoon a C420 leads a freight westbound by the highway garage on the west side of Napoleon Ohio.MSchwiebert
Y@ - 2007402 views~Z~
402 viewspatrick
CSX 742401 viewsCSX N914 heading east along Chicago Drive between Zeeland and Hudsonville. CSX 742, CSX 305, BNSF 9407, and BNSF 9473, 03/30/06~Z~
RP Edit401 viewsTrainWatcher
PREX 1000400 viewsElkhart and Western PREX 1000 latches onto the cars dropped off by NS and starts to pull them north. 10/17/03~Z~
Q327 west nearing Port Sheldon400 viewsQ327 west nearing Port Sheldon, west of Jenison, MI. BNSF 976 and HLCX 6090. 04/10/06~Z~
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