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Pacing UP 844414 viewsSouth of Greeley, CO, the train was doing better than 60 mph as I shot this out the back of railzfan's minivan.SD80MAC
Railroadfan Fest 2006413 viewsAbout all the people we could gather at any one time, with all those trains and photo locations around town. The gathering was "Erie-Sistible." 10/01/06~Z~
GLLX 3001412 viewsNorthbound run through Comstock Park.~Z~
BNSF 9496 & BNSF 9677411 viewsBNSF 9496 & 9677 lead an eastbound lite engine movement past a minigolf course in Grandville. These engines dropped off a string of loaded coal hoppers at West Olive. ~Z~
RBBX 02 40010~0.jpg
RBBX 40010 Coach411 views9/25/06 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Train Red Unit. One of nearly 30 passenger cars of the 56 total. Built in 1954 by American Car and Foundry as Union Pacific #4583. Northbound through Kalamazoo for Grand Rapids. The dwarf signal in the foreground is the southbound home signal for the diamonds at BO interlocking. GP30M4216
Amtrak hate411 viewsWhat's with all the hate for Amtrak...oh wait, i remember now.... 09/19/09~Z~
BNSF 5969410 viewsClose up view under the rear of BNSF 5969, showing where the joint broke apart, allowing the rail to roll apart. Seems that most of the damage was on the spur, and not on the mainline heading north towards West Olive. 11/24/06~Z~
BNSF 9433409 viewsBNSF #9433 leads a pair of possums with a large load of 2 coal hoppers for West Olive under the I-196 overpass. Probably dropping these off to the repair shop there. It might be heading there to pick up a long string of empties as well. 08/05/04 ~Z~
CSX GP38-2 #2626409 viewsD704, the Baldwin Turn, is shown southbound at White Cloud, MI on the old wye along M-37 with a short Saturday train for Grand Rapids. August, 2002.GP30M4216
BNSF 6018 and BNSF 6019408 viewsChattin on the phone with Matt to get some heads ups, and this pair pulls out of the engine house. Only a few weeks old at this point, BNSF 6018 and BNSF 6019 roll onto the service track to put a couple hoppers on, head west as D801, and go to West Olive. Someone should rip that metal stake out of the ground..took more photos, but that post is in the way. 08/05/06~Z~
MSU Display of 1225408 viewsThe fence didn't help the view......flafiretwo
CPOX 820407 viewsBNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a load from West Olive. Seen here nearing Hudsonville MI. 09/20/06 ~Z~
CP Exec 07 Van Horne.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Van Horne"407 viewsCar seven of ten is the heavyweight observation car "Van Horne" It is seen in the consist of CP train 046, traveling east on the old NYC Water Level Route through Dunlap, Indiana. The train is traveling between Chicago and Toronto with company executives on board. Van Horne was built in 1927 by CPR's company shops in Montreal, called Argus Shops. It is 84 feet long, and named after the CPR president who built the railroad over the Rocky Mountains. Photo taken November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
CO 04028-02406 views10/1966 - Plymouth, MI - E8A # 4028 on WB P-train # X4028 "MSU Football Special"cagceg1
406 viewsDT&I
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