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CP Exec 07 Van Horne.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Van Horne"431 viewsCar seven of ten is the heavyweight observation car "Van Horne" It is seen in the consist of CP train 046, traveling east on the old NYC Water Level Route through Dunlap, Indiana. The train is traveling between Chicago and Toronto with company executives on board. Van Horne was built in 1927 by CPR's company shops in Montreal, called Argus Shops. It is 84 feet long, and named after the CPR president who built the railroad over the Rocky Mountains. Photo taken November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
Q326 and obstruction.430 viewsPassed by this fella along Chicago Dr. Q326 had just passed me, and I snapped this one... While leaving, I heard "Q326, stopped on the main, obstruction on the tracks." Weasel in the weeds.......You can see the bridge at Sunrise Park and the signal for Port Sheldon in the distance. 04/28/06~Z~
CP 9572 on X502-03430 viewsCP 9572 running east on CSX trackage, in reality south along Buchanan, pulling CP X502-03. This train hasn't seen CSX trackage since 2005... X500 normally doesn't run on Thursdays, and this train had a consist of boxcars, tankers, spine cars, and autoracks, but no intermodal. Quite the find to see this evening. 08/03/06~Z~
The "oldest and the newest" at Trainfest CP 4-4-0430 viewsThe new replica Leviathan, CP 4-4-0 #63, warms up at Trainfest, July 22, 2009 Complete after ten years of work debuts at Trainfest!
Sister of Cental Pacific's Jupiter of Promontory Summit 1869 fame.
Larry G
C&O Freight House in Plymouth430 viewsbnsfben
Lisa430 viewsTraingirl21 Lisa. 05/09/09~Z~
429 viewsDT&I
MMRR 179428 viewsMMRR 179 nearing Hertiage Landing. The Amazon building in the background is now an apartment complex. 11/11/05~Z~
CPOX 820428 viewsWas passing along Wyoming Yard on I-196 and spotted this..had to get off at Market, down to Godfrey, past Judd where a grain train was leaving, and took these... DMHX42001 and CPOX 820 after getting back on D802 from West Olive. 05/05/06~Z~
Deck view of former PC Thornapple River Trestle427 viewsCompare this view with my earlier scan of trestle with rails. You are looking WB towards Vermontville. The rails are gone and decay is underway. Still a nice hike on a crisp fall day....no bugs!!!! It has been over 33 years since the last train crept through here at 10mph!!Larry G
GTW 9014 - Where Is This ?426 viewsThis image of F3A 9014 is a scan of a 35mm slide. The exact location is unknown, but it would have been within walking distance of Trowbridge Tower.... a location which is now Trowbridge Junction ! I was at MSU between 1964 and 1967. The fact that it is 35mm would suggest that it is 1965.flafiretwo
GLLX 3001426 viewsNorthbound run through Comstock Park.~Z~
Danger: Caving Ground426 viewsMick
CSX Y121-05425 viewsCSXT 2621 with a flap down, comes across 112th Ave in Zeeland with a single load for the lumber company...i forget what's playing in the background :) 06/05/06~Z~
Lake State Railway425 views2003-371 passing through Grayling Michigan.
January 31 2008
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