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ATSF 347C(F7A) ATSF 347B(F3B) at the California State Railroad Museum385 viewsTaken in the summer of '03. Not sure of the exact date, as the exif data on my old Olympus didn't include the date and time.J T
CO 04028-02385 views10/1966 - Plymouth, MI - E8A # 4028 on WB P-train # X4028 "MSU Football Special"cagceg1
the forgotten P42385 viewsYpsi
Burlington stock car - wood.jpg
Wrecked Stock Car - Wood Ends - Burlington, MI384 viewsOne of two wrecked stock cars from a 1960 wreck on the NYC Air Line near Tekonsha, and now stripped of wheelsets and undercarriage equipment, it is in a field at the NE corner of M-60 and 12 MI Road near Burlington, MI. 5-6-05GP30M4216
CP Exec 03 Killarney.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Killarney"384 viewsHeavyweight Observation car "Killarney" is one of six heavyweight observations of nine passenger cars total (plus a generator car) in this consist of the CPR Executive Special. Comprised of cars from their Royal Canadian Pacific luxary train, this solid heavyweight train is rolling at track speed along the former NYC Water Level Route at Dunlap, Indiana, near Elkhart. Novebmer 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
GLLX 3001384 viewsNorthbound run through Comstock Park.~Z~
CSX D727383 viewsCSX D727 heads south past Pontaluna Rd, giving a toot of the horn toward the nightwatching railfans. 09/27/04~Z~
BNSF 6018 and BNSF 6019383 viewsChattin on the phone with Matt to get some heads ups, and this pair pulls out of the engine house. Only a few weeks old at this point, BNSF 6018 and BNSF 6019 roll onto the service track to put a couple hoppers on, head west as D801, and go to West Olive. Someone should rip that metal stake out of the ground..took more photos, but that post is in the way. 08/05/06~Z~
383 viewsYpsi
K905 derailment382 viewsA back hoe working hard to remove the rotting ties from the derailment of CSX K905 the day before. Taken 05/23/04~Z~
382 viewsLansing Grand River AveGrandTrunkFan
CEFX 3116381 viewsGot a headsup from GP40 and Scooterb... headed down to Oakland Ave in GR, and here's Q335 slowly heading west with CEFX 3116 and CSX 7620. 03/26/06~Z~
Cumbres&Toltec Scenic RR Osier, Colorado 9-30-10381 viewsA beautiful fall day at Osier as the EB approaches. Coal dock, water tank, and station comes into view on the delightful trip. Train is minutes from the great lunch stop included in the ticket price.Larry G
July 11th380 viewsJuly 11 Part 6 - Heading all points west, crossing Broadway Ave in Grandville. 07/11/04 ~Z~
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