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Q326 and obstruction.414 viewsPassed by this fella along Chicago Dr. Q326 had just passed me, and I snapped this one... While leaving, I heard "Q326, stopped on the main, obstruction on the tracks." Weasel in the weeds.......You can see the bridge at Sunrise Park and the signal for Port Sheldon in the distance. 04/28/06~Z~
414 viewscdx ac44cw #163 canton oh 1-2-08traingirl21
July 11th413 viewsJuly 11 Part 6 - Heading all points west, crossing Broadway Ave in Grandville. 07/11/04 ~Z~
CPOX 820413 viewsWas passing along Wyoming Yard on I-196 and spotted this..had to get off at Market, down to Godfrey, past Judd where a grain train was leaving, and took these... DMHX42001 and CPOX 820 after getting back on D802 from West Olive. 05/05/06~Z~
GTW 9014 - Where Is This ?413 viewsThis image of F3A 9014 is a scan of a 35mm slide. The exact location is unknown, but it would have been within walking distance of Trowbridge Tower.... a location which is now Trowbridge Junction ! I was at MSU between 1964 and 1967. The fact that it is 35mm would suggest that it is 1965.flafiretwo
Ex-CSX SD40-2413 viewsAn Ex-CSX SD40-2 parked with train 63T at old Dearborn station, Dearborn, MI, 5-8-2014iandt
412 viewsDT&I
Papers at the Depot411 viewsI would say this needs no comment, but i want to anyway. I really thought this guy was going to make a grab at these papers that the conductor tossed out. The speed of the train pushing on the wind was strong enough to move his shirt and jacket. 10/03/04~Z~
411 views~Z~
Railroadfan Fest 2006411 viewsAbout all the people we could gather at any one time, with all those trains and photo locations around town. The gathering was "Erie-Sistible." 10/01/06~Z~
RBBX 06 41406~0.jpg
RBBX 41406 Coach411 views9/25/06 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Train Red Unit. One of nearly 30 passenger cars of the 56 total. Built in 1950 by Budd as Southern Pacific #2365. Northbound through Kalamazoo for Grand Rapids. GP30M4216
WHRC 1968 & WHRC 4079 in Toledo Walbridge411 viewsMDH
Danger: Caving Ground411 viewsMick
Aloha Rail SD80MAC411 viewsYpsi
Pacing UP 844410 viewsSouth of Greeley, CO, the train was doing better than 60 mph as I shot this out the back of railzfan's minivan.SD80MAC
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