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Amtrak 352398 viewsTrain 352 rounding the curve at the Oliver St. Crossing on 10/19/03. Photo by Nathan of Chessie Chapter. ~Z~
Ionia factory1a.jpg
Ionia,MI GenCorp factory on GTW398 views This was shot at the back side of the GenCorp (General Tire Corp.) factory in Ionia,MI on the GTW in 1986. The plant made fiberglass body panels for the auto industry. It closed in about 1994, and was soon leveled.Les Hale
MSU Display of 1225398 viewsThe fence didn't help the view......flafiretwo
Lake State Railway398 views2003-371 passing through Grayling Michigan.
January 31 2008
Burlington stock car - wood.jpg
Wrecked Stock Car - Wood Ends - Burlington, MI397 viewsOne of two wrecked stock cars from a 1960 wreck on the NYC Air Line near Tekonsha, and now stripped of wheelsets and undercarriage equipment, it is in a field at the NE corner of M-60 and 12 MI Road near Burlington, MI. 5-6-05GP30M4216
NREX 2943397 viewsNREX 2943 leading NREX 2903 and NREX 2939 for Marquette Rail reaching Wyoming Yard as Z-151... 77 cars it's pulling along here. 11/26/05~Z~
397 viewsYpsi
UP 8612 Eastbound on the Toledo Wye Headed for Detroit 10/24/2006396 viewsStitch
395 views~Z~
395 views~Z~
Sooline 6042394 viewsSooline 6042 and another matching unit lead CP X511 under I-196 and over a creek in Jenison. Taken 09/11/04~Z~
394 viewsManistee Yard of the MQT.Railwidow
BNSF 5969394 viewsClose up view under the rear of BNSF 5969, showing where the joint broke apart, allowing the rail to roll apart. Seems that most of the damage was on the spur, and not on the mainline heading north towards West Olive. 11/24/06~Z~
CPOX 820392 viewsBNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a load from West Olive. Seen here nearing Hudsonville MI. 09/20/06 ~Z~
392 viewsJustinB
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