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426 viewsNYC snowplow derailment between Rochester depot and Main St. crossing. 1967 or 1968.Robert Bellairs
CEFX 3116426 viewsGot a headsup from GP40 and Scooterb... headed down to Oakland Ave in GR, and here's Q335 slowly heading west with CEFX 3116 and CSX 7620. 03/26/06~Z~
Santa Fe SD70ACe425 viewsYpsi
424 views~Z~
NREX 2943424 viewsNREX 2943 leading NREX 2903 and NREX 2939 for Marquette Rail reaching Wyoming Yard as Z-151... 77 cars it's pulling along here. 11/26/05~Z~
Fake Switch Tower?424 viewsHere is what I initially thought was an old Railroad Tower, as seen on October 17, 2004. It's located just East of Wyoming Yard at Hall St. gg1electrice60
424 viewsA No.1
Amtrak 352423 viewsTrain 352 rounding the curve at the Oliver St. Crossing on 10/19/03. Photo by Nathan of Chessie Chapter. ~Z~
CP 9572 on X502-03423 viewsCP 9572 running east on CSX trackage, in reality south along Buchanan, pulling CP X502-03. This train hasn't seen CSX trackage since 2005... X500 normally doesn't run on Thursdays, and this train had a consist of boxcars, tankers, spine cars, and autoracks, but no intermodal. Quite the find to see this evening. 08/03/06~Z~
C&O Freight House in Plymouth423 viewsbnsfben
423 viewsDT&I
423 viewsDT&I
Deck view of former PC Thornapple River Trestle422 viewsCompare this view with my earlier scan of trestle with rails. You are looking WB towards Vermontville. The rails are gone and decay is underway. Still a nice hike on a crisp fall day....no bugs!!!! It has been over 33 years since the last train crept through here at 10mph!!Larry G
July 11th421 viewsJuly 11 Part 6 - Heading all points west, crossing Broadway Ave in Grandville. 07/11/04 ~Z~
421 viewsLansing Grand River AveGrandTrunkFan
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