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Q326 and obstruction.398 viewsPassed by this fella along Chicago Dr. Q326 had just passed me, and I snapped this one... While leaving, I heard "Q326, stopped on the main, obstruction on the tracks." Weasel in the weeds.......You can see the bridge at Sunrise Park and the signal for Port Sheldon in the distance. 04/28/06~Z~
WHRC 1968 & WHRC 4079 in Toledo Walbridge398 viewsMDH
CPOX 820397 viewsWas passing along Wyoming Yard on I-196 and spotted this..had to get off at Market, down to Godfrey, past Judd where a grain train was leaving, and took these... DMHX42001 and CPOX 820 after getting back on D802 from West Olive. 05/05/06~Z~
MSU Display of 1225397 viewsThe fence didn't help the view......flafiretwo
Danger: Caving Ground397 viewsMick
An eye is upon you....396 views"Spinning complacently in the darkness
Covered and blinded by a blanket of little lives
False security has lulled the madness of this world into a slumber
Wake Up!
An eye is upon you
Staring straight down and keenly through,
Seeing all that you are and everything that you can never be
Yes, an eye is upon you, an eye ready to blink.
SO face forward, with arms wide open and mind reeling
Your future has arrived...Are you ready to go?" - Powerman 5000

For gregg, 9587 leads this empty coal train north along the Holly with the cops watching on. 04/30/05
UP 8612 Eastbound on the Toledo Wye Headed for Detroit 10/24/2006396 viewsStitch
Amtrak 353 NPCU #90215396 viewsAt the 10wnssd70m-2
The "oldest and the newest" at Trainfest CP 4-4-0396 viewsThe new replica Leviathan, CP 4-4-0 #63, warms up at Trainfest, July 22, 2009 Complete after ten years of work debuts at Trainfest!
Sister of Cental Pacific's Jupiter of Promontory Summit 1869 fame.
Larry G
Lisa396 viewsTraingirl21 Lisa. 05/09/09~Z~
NREX 2943395 viewsMarquette Rail NREX 2943 leading NREX 2903 and NREX 2939 on CSX trackage as Z-151... heading west near Godfrey Ave. 11/26/05~Z~
Lake State Railway395 views2003-371 passing through Grayling Michigan.
January 31 2008
amtrak f40ph394 viewsYpsi
393 views~Z~
Ionia factory1a.jpg
Ionia,MI GenCorp factory on GTW393 views This was shot at the back side of the GenCorp (General Tire Corp.) factory in Ionia,MI on the GTW in 1986. The plant made fiberglass body panels for the auto industry. It closed in about 1994, and was soon leveled.Les Hale
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