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BNSF 5969440 viewsWorkers look on at BNSF 5969 and BNSF 5792 that derailed at the switch for the Ottawa Beach spur. 11/24/06~Z~
Burlington stock car - wood.jpg
Wrecked Stock Car - Wood Ends - Burlington, MI439 viewsOne of two wrecked stock cars from a 1960 wreck on the NYC Air Line near Tekonsha, and now stripped of wheelsets and undercarriage equipment, it is in a field at the NE corner of M-60 and 12 MI Road near Burlington, MI. 5-6-05GP30M4216
Amtrak 90218438 viewsCabbage car #90218 leads this Amtrak train #351 on a push operation...BO Tower can be seen in the background as this train slows for the Amtrak Depot in downtown Kzoo. 11/13/04 ~Z~
1954 Downtown and north end of PRR /NYC railyards437 viewsRaildudes dad
GMTX 2653437 viewsNo cropping, on board 2653.~Z~
CSX Seaboard Air Line Heritage Unit437 viewsYpsi
CSX Atlantic Coast Line Heritage unit437 viewsYpsi
Durand436 viewsBack end of one of the trains I saw on our first 2004 shortline message board meeting in Durand. End of clip shows JRV, BC Jim, Don Simon, Greg Fulmer, Garry K, and Jeff L. 05/01/04~Z~
436 viewsYpsi
Penn Jct Picture 1436 viewsPenn Jct looking west towards Coopersville from on top the GTW grade.trnwatcher
Railfans at the depot435 viewsMike D Shep and another railfan watch on.. 09/10/05~Z~
CP 8552435 viewsCP #8552 on X503 heads west past a service drive for the Zeeland power plant. Video by Austin Segur. 11/06/04~Z~
Amtrak 90218434 viewsA late Amtrak 364 leaves the East Lansing depot about 45 minutes late. Amtrak 35 leads cabbage Amtrak 90218. 06/04/05~Z~
434 viewsRailwidow
At Albion434 viewstazer
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