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Deck view of former PC Thornapple River Trestle405 viewsCompare this view with my earlier scan of trestle with rails. You are looking WB towards Vermontville. The rails are gone and decay is underway. Still a nice hike on a crisp fall day....no bugs!!!! It has been over 33 years since the last train crept through here at 10mph!!Larry G
AveryRdhouse and Railwidow404 viewsRailwidow
404 viewscdx ac44cw #163 canton oh 1-2-08traingirl21
CSX L&N Heritage Unit404 viewsYpsi
Diagram403 viewsDiagram of Avery's layout.
Trestles--- 13
Tunnels--- 9
GTW 9014 - Where Is This ?403 viewsThis image of F3A 9014 is a scan of a 35mm slide. The exact location is unknown, but it would have been within walking distance of Trowbridge Tower.... a location which is now Trowbridge Junction ! I was at MSU between 1964 and 1967. The fact that it is 35mm would suggest that it is 1965.flafiretwo
GT 4903 & GT 5916402 viewsGT #4903 and GT #5916 backup into the Durand Yard on another local from Flint. They posed in front of the station on the diamond for a while. 05/01/04 ~Z~
CP 9572 on X502-03401 viewsCP 9572 running east on CSX trackage, in reality south along Buchanan, pulling CP X502-03. This train hasn't seen CSX trackage since 2005... X500 normally doesn't run on Thursdays, and this train had a consist of boxcars, tankers, spine cars, and autoracks, but no intermodal. Quite the find to see this evening. 08/03/06~Z~
Ex-CSX SD40-2401 viewsAn Ex-CSX SD40-2 parked with train 63T at old Dearborn station, Dearborn, MI, 5-8-2014iandt
Papers at the Depot400 viewsI would say this needs no comment, but i want to anyway. I really thought this guy was going to make a grab at these papers that the conductor tossed out. The speed of the train pushing on the wind was strong enough to move his shirt and jacket. 10/03/04~Z~
Railroadfan Fest 2006400 viewsAbout all the people we could gather at any one time, with all those trains and photo locations around town. The gathering was "Erie-Sistible." 10/01/06~Z~
Pacing UP 844400 viewsSouth of Greeley, CO, the train was doing better than 60 mph as I shot this out the back of railzfan's minivan.SD80MAC
MMRR 179399 viewsMMRR 179 is stopped here near the YMCA while the conductor realligns the switch. Found a small area of sun inbetween the trees nearing sunset. 11/11/05~Z~
Railfans at the depot398 viewsMike D Shep and another railfan watch on.. 09/10/05~Z~
WHRC 1968 & WHRC 4079 in Toledo Walbridge398 viewsMDH
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