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CP Exec 04 Hampshire.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Hampshire"420 viewsCar four of ten on this CPR Executive Special is the heavyweight sleeper "Hampshire." It is shown as one of ten Royal Canadian Pacific passenger cars bring CPR executives from Chicago to Toronto. They are on the old NYC Water Level Route, passing through Dunlap, IN. Even captured at 1/750th of a second, they are still a bit blurry, indicating the speed which they are going! Hampshire features four twin rooms and two single rooms. November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
CP X500419 viewsCP X500 heads east through Hudsonville on this nice cloudy rainy morning. Was on my daily commute to work :) 05/11/06~Z~
GMTX 2653419 viewsNo cropping, on board 2653.~Z~
418 viewsA No.1
CSXT 388418 viewsN92201 heading west by the west end of Fox. Frozen coal and a good snow storm they went through earlier in the day. 02/06/10~Z~
Amtrak 90218417 viewsA late Amtrak 364 leaves the East Lansing depot about 45 minutes late. Amtrak 35 leads cabbage Amtrak 90218. 06/04/05~Z~
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C&O Freight House in Plymouth416 viewsbnsfben
Smiling415 viewswell, and i believe he's laughin a bit as well. With me wearing my Korn t-shirt and all......CP X503 with Sooline 6017 heads west past Ivanrest in this 1:1 crop. 07/14/05~Z~
1954 Downtown and north end of PRR /NYC railyards415 viewsRaildudes dad
415 viewsNYC snowplow derailment between Rochester depot and Main St. crossing. 1967 or 1968.Robert Bellairs
American Freedom Train Passes Charlotte414 viewsMy notes on the photos say July 1976 south of Charlotte as the AFT special passes WB on GTW near East Kalamo Rd. Notice the coal hopper behind the tool car. Larry G
MMRR 179411 viewsMMRR 179 is stopped here near the YMCA while the conductor realligns the switch. Found a small area of sun inbetween the trees nearing sunset. 11/11/05~Z~
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