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NS 1401447 viewsNS #1401 heads back to Hugart Yard with mainly a string of box cars. Taken on 06/02/04 by Austin Segur.~Z~
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FURX 7284 and MRL 316446 viewsHeading out of work, I hear the dispatcher chatting with the Y121 local, and asked if they'd be out of the way for something coming in from Hudsonville area. I headed down between Vriesland and Hudsonville to see G010-28 head west. Montana Rail Link trailing :) Rebel camera on the right, click click.... 05/31/06~Z~
ATSF weathered dash 8446 viewsYpsi
Sooline 6049445 viewsX503 heads west under I-196 with a pair of Sooline units. 03/29/05~Z~
MMRR 179444 viewsMMRR 179 is stopped here near the YMCA while the conductor realligns the switch. Found a small area of sun inbetween the trees nearing sunset. 11/11/05~Z~
CSXT 388444 viewsN92201 heading west by the west end of Fox. Frozen coal and a good snow storm they went through earlier in the day. 02/06/10~Z~
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CP Exec 03 Killarney.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Killarney"442 viewsHeavyweight Observation car "Killarney" is one of six heavyweight observations of nine passenger cars total (plus a generator car) in this consist of the CPR Executive Special. Comprised of cars from their Royal Canadian Pacific luxary train, this solid heavyweight train is rolling at track speed along the former NYC Water Level Route at Dunlap, Indiana, near Elkhart. Novebmer 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
Trains442 viewsI love trains. I am a cat. I am named after a train; isn't that cool?osomething
GTW F3 9022442 viewsflafiretwo
I'm Thinking Burlington442 viewsNucor rebuild at Sterling Yard.

October 5, 2010
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CSX 7395441 viewsCSX #7395 and CSX #7359 heads west towards ChiTown with an empty stone train. Taken on 06/02/04 by Austin Segur.~Z~
NS 6699440 viewsNS #6699 heading south over Kilgore Road while an inspection vehichle watches in the rain. 11/18/03~Z~
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