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working467 viewsrob
Capitve service - Guess where?467 viewsThis locomotive has served this customer for a few years now.M.D.Bentley
467 viewsDT&I
6/20/09466 viewsMick
I'm Thinking Burlington466 viewsNucor rebuild at Sterling Yard.

October 5, 2010
CSX 98465 viewsCSX #98 on a loaded coal train takes it's load past Jenison on it's way to West Olive. Taken 02/20/04~Z~
CSX Seaboadr Heritage unit465 viewsYpsi
GT 4903 & GT 5916464 viewsGT #4903 and GT #5916 backup into the Durand Yard on another local from Flint. They posed in front of the station on the diamond for a while. 05/01/04 ~Z~
CSXT 9245463 viewsAfter dropping off their boxcars at Victor Barnes, Y290 with CSXT 9245 drone and CSXT 2682 grab their Chessie caboose 903101 (ex C&O 3101) and head back north towards Wyoming Yard. 08/08/06~Z~
Trains463 viewsI love trains. I am a cat. I am named after a train; isn't that cool?osomething
CSXT 1177463 viewsCSXT 1177 prepares to do some switching at Wyoming Yard as the sun sets behind a large bank of clouds on this winter day. 01/20/07~Z~
462 viewsDT&I
Wyoming Yard461 viewsLooking towards the east end of Wyoming Yard, Grand Rapids skyline in the backdrop. Engine house is in the back center.~Z~
GTW takes over PC line at Charlotte April 1976461 viewsMOW photos 4-10-76 of GTW workers replacing ties at joints in old MC/PC yard at Charlotte. As I recall many of the ties were rotted and sunken in the mud. There was much concern of derailments here at the end of PC and start up of the GTW era. GTW replaced the ties on most track joints on the former main through the yard at this time.
Train photos
Top 4-6-76 GTW freight EB crossing M-50 with cars for the FB mill.
Bottom 4-6-76 Locos later in the day at the FB Grain Elevators during switching movements.
Larry G
Grant, MI460 viewsJochs
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