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Durand428 viewsBack end of one of the trains I saw on our first 2004 shortline message board meeting in Durand. End of clip shows JRV, BC Jim, Don Simon, Greg Fulmer, Garry K, and Jeff L. 05/01/04~Z~
3CM428 viewsThree Camera Man 07/26/09~Z~
Wyoming Yard427 viewsLooking towards the east end of Wyoming Yard, Grand Rapids skyline in the backdrop. Engine house is in the back center.~Z~
CP Exec 09.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific427 viewsOne of the few cars on the Royal Canadian Pacific Executive Special that was not an observation, this car is so highly polished I can't read the car name on the side. This is train CP 046 traveling eastbound on the old NYC Water Level Route through Dunlap, Indiana, near Elkhart. Company executives are on board traveling from Chicago to Toronto over their trackage rights on NS. CP Rail runs about a dozen of their run through freight trains on this line daily. November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
NS D9-40CW #9969427 views"Gray Ghost" D9-40CW, nearly new, was among several that NS received still painted in gray primer from General Electric. These locomotives were later run through the paint shop to put them into the road's familiar black and white "Thoroughbred" livery. Here, manifest 38J clunks across the double track CSX Saginaw Subdivision at Wayne Yard, the end of the run. 2006 photoGP30M4216
Sooline 6049426 viewsX503 heads west under I-196 with a pair of Sooline units. 03/29/05~Z~
CP 8552426 viewsCP #8552 on X503 heads west past a service drive for the Zeeland power plant. Video by Austin Segur. 11/06/04~Z~
CSXT 1177426 viewsCSXT 1177 prepares to do some switching at Wyoming Yard as the sun sets behind a large bank of clouds on this winter day. 01/20/07~Z~
At Albion426 viewstazer
Amtrak 90218425 viewsCabbage car #90218 leads this Amtrak train #351 on a push operation...BO Tower can be seen in the background as this train slows for the Amtrak Depot in downtown Kzoo. 11/13/04 ~Z~
BNSF 5969425 viewsWorkers look on at BNSF 5969 and BNSF 5792 that derailed at the switch for the Ottawa Beach spur. 11/24/06~Z~
GTW F3 9022425 viewsflafiretwo
CSXT 9245424 viewsAfter dropping off their boxcars at Victor Barnes, Y290 with CSXT 9245 drone and CSXT 2682 grab their Chessie caboose 903101 (ex C&O 3101) and head back north towards Wyoming Yard. 08/08/06~Z~
CSX L&N Heritage Unit422 viewsYpsi
421 views~Z~
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