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MMRR 179450 viewsTaken from up above a maria on Muskegon Lake off of Lake Shore Dr, we see MMRR 179 pulling it's five cars along. Friend of mine used to have their boat here...spent a few nights here, catching CSX heading to Sappi once and always wanted to get a picture along here. 11/11/05~Z~
working450 viewsrob
CSX 2517448 viewsCSX 2517 & 2672 on D727 head northeast along Shoreline Dr next to Heritage Landing. I really enjoyed the 10 mph limit through Muskegon, made it easy to get ahead of the train for once. 06/11/05~Z~
1225 at Sterling, MI Sunday Morning446 viewsTaken by my girlfriend with my digital camera while I was using my 35mm. Thanks, Angie! DLH
445 views~Z~
CSX Greenery445 viewsCSX picked up some bushes on the way through the Heights.. that or i bailed out of the car, and well, didn't see the bush when i set up to take my picture :) 06/11/05~Z~
LE 5100444 viewsLE 5100Stefan Stanescu
MQT Snowplow443 viewsMQT snowplow heading north from Grand Rapids.Railwidow
Picture 013~3.jpg
443 viewsTSBY 394 pulls 3 other engines and a loaded Grain train by Fishers Cement in Owosso MI. July 2006GLC 392
Grant, MI443 viewsJochs
Capitve service - Guess where?442 viewsThis locomotive has served this customer for a few years now.M.D.Bentley
440 viewsSmoke from CSX DASH8-40CW No. 7743 begins to fill into the air as the unit begins to proceed east with its train on CSX's Garrett Subdivision after waiting for a train to clear the diamond on CSX's Porter Branch at Willow Creek Junction in Portage, Indiana on April 20, 2002. Photo by J.R.V. at HS.
CSX Y121440 viewsAfter getting permission to head west from downtown Zeeland, CSX Y121 is seen here heading across Lakewood Blvd and 120th Ave about to stop in Waverly. CSX 6093 pulls in with a boxcar, BN hopper, and a Chessie caboose on this rainy west Michigan day. 04/12/06~Z~
438 viewsConductor of this GT engine took photos of each group of railfans at the depot on this day.. not sure if he's a fan himself, or just enjoying our hobby we have. 09/10/05~Z~
NS 1401438 viewsNS #1401 heads back to Hugart Yard with mainly a string of box cars. Taken on 06/02/04 by Austin Segur.~Z~
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