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The John Engler465 viewsIn the same commercial center, as the yellow caboose, was this Steam Locomotive named the John Engler, October 11, 2004. According to Gregg Pullano, it's former Augusta Railroad 300.gg1electrice60
CSX Greenery464 viewsCSX picked up some bushes on the way through the Heights.. that or i bailed out of the car, and well, didn't see the bush when i set up to take my picture :) 06/11/05~Z~
Q327 passing Port Sheldon.464 viewsQ327 west nearing Port Sheldon, west of Jenison, MI. BNSF 976 and HLCX 6090. 04/10/06~Z~
CSX C&O for progress heritage unit464 viewsYpsi
MMRR 179463 viewsWaited for a while at the street entrance to the Lake Express ferry, MMRR ran around its cars and got inbetween it's boxcars and the hopper and tanker. The conductor is seen here riding their train towards Sappi. Glad they hurried up and got over here right before the sunlight was gone. 11/11/05~Z~
CSX 9119463 viewsCSX drone #9119 ties with CSX #1177 to do some kicking of cars around the Wyoming yard. I'm quite surprised the drone wasn't frozen here. Taken 02/13/04~Z~
USS switchers on flats463 viewsFive of the seven USS switchers sitting in Wyoming Yard, with some of the wheel sets sitting on a flat car on the left. Taken from behind the Mobil station. 08/10/06~Z~
CP Exec 09.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific463 viewsOne of the few cars on the Royal Canadian Pacific Executive Special that was not an observation, this car is so highly polished I can't read the car name on the side. This is train CP 046 traveling eastbound on the old NYC Water Level Route through Dunlap, Indiana, near Elkhart. Company executives are on board traveling from Chicago to Toronto over their trackage rights on NS. CP Rail runs about a dozen of their run through freight trains on this line daily. November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
CPOX 820462 viewsAlmost to Zeeland, BNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a transformer load from West Olive. 09/20/06~Z~
460 views~Z~
MMRR 179460 viewsMMRR 179 pulls out of the North Yard, heading along Western Ave with 5 boxcars, 1 covered hopper and 1 tank car. That same car paced the train through downtown. 11/11/05~Z~
460 viewsYpsi
NS 8359459 viewsNS 8359 and an NS unit come west on NS track. Taken at the old crossing of Arnold St...sun heading down. 07/30/05~Z~
459 viewsConductor of this GT engine took photos of each group of railfans at the depot on this day.. not sure if he's a fan himself, or just enjoying our hobby we have. 09/10/05~Z~
3CM459 viewsThree Camera Man 07/26/09~Z~
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