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Where Is This Train Parked ?? 1964?495 viewsC&O E Unit with Passenger Cars....taken before I switched to Color Slidesflafiretwo
LE 5100495 viewsLE 5100Stefan Stanescu
Picture 013~3.jpg
494 viewsTSBY 394 pulls 3 other engines and a loaded Grain train by Fishers Cement in Owosso MI. July 2006GLC 392
MQT Snowplow492 viewsMQT snowplow heading north from Grand Rapids.Railwidow
491 views~Z~
CSX490 viewsFrom a trip on Amtrak, 9 units are starting to pull this freight in Indiana.~Z~
CSXT 2669490 viewsCSXT 2669 leads Y221 past the Amtrak depot downtown Grand Rapids. I was talking to the conductor over here, and here is Jeem slowin down to pick him up. 06/11/06~Z~
Mack Muir490 viewsNice elevated platform :) I'd surely fall, but Mack Muir didn't. 09/30/06~Z~
CSX Atlantic Coast Line Heritage unit490 viewsYpsi
Thornapple River Trestle Near Vermontville on Penn Cental488 viewsThese two photos were taken 4-10-76 after PC ceased operations. Looking WB towards Vermontville at track which once maintained to 60 mph service through here. At the end about 10 mph on this Jackson to Grand Rapid Branch. Trestle is still in place today off Shaytown Rd in western Eaton County. See digital photos in this album of current views.Larry G
NS D9-40CW #9969488 views"Gray Ghost" D9-40CW, nearly new, was among several that NS received still painted in gray primer from General Electric. These locomotives were later run through the paint shop to put them into the road's familiar black and white "Thoroughbred" livery. Here, manifest 38J clunks across the double track CSX Saginaw Subdivision at Wayne Yard, the end of the run. 2006 photoGP30M4216
Alden Museum488 viewswagnew0923
486 viewsYpsi
CPOX 820485 viewsPacing through Grandville on Chicago Dr, here's BNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a transformer load from West Olive. 09/20/06 ~Z~
Fostoria Friends484 viewsMr. Tops, ScooterB, tsby388, NaterB, Mrs. Smith, Kate, Patrick, Mark, MikeH, GP40, PAT.CMr. Tops
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