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Alden Museum459 viewswagnew0923
CPOX 820458 viewsPacing through Grandville on Chicago Dr, here's BNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a transformer load from West Olive. 09/20/06 ~Z~
RBBX 03 43005~0.jpg
RBBX 43005 Coach458 views9/25/06 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Train Red Unit. One of nearly 30 passenger cars of the 56 total. Built in 1964 by Steel Car as Union Pacific #5535. Northbound through Kalamazoo for Grand Rapids. Nice to see the sun out as the first half of this train went by. GP30M4216
IC 6257453 viewsIC 6257 leads DWP 5908, GT 4630, GT 4621, UP 5211, and CSX 9046 south on the Holly Sub. 09/10/05 ~Z~
GTW takes over PC Charlotte Branch 1976453 viewsFar left 4-6-76 GTW EB at J34.1 Interlocking Approach Signal
Top 4-7-76 GTW moves through old MC/PC yard. Boxcar in lower left on Fulton Lumber Siding.
Center 4-7-76 Switching by the loading dock in the yard.
Bottom 4-7-76 by former MC depot...Home signal of GTW crossing just visible behind box car.
Larry G
CSX 98451 viewsCSX #98 on a loaded coal train takes it's load past Jenison on it's way to West Olive. Taken 02/20/04~Z~
Q327 passing Port Sheldon.451 viewsQ327 west nearing Port Sheldon, west of Jenison, MI. BNSF 976 and HLCX 6090. 04/10/06~Z~
6/20/09451 viewsMick
CSX 9119450 viewsCSX drone #9119 ties with CSX #1177 to do some kicking of cars around the Wyoming yard. I'm quite surprised the drone wasn't frozen here. Taken 02/13/04~Z~
NS 8359449 viewsNS 8359 and an NS unit come west on NS track. Taken at the old crossing of Arnold St...sun heading down. 07/30/05~Z~
CPOX 820449 viewsAlmost to Zeeland, BNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a transformer load from West Olive. 09/20/06~Z~
working448 viewsrob
USS switchers on flats447 viewsFive of the seven USS switchers sitting in Wyoming Yard, with some of the wheel sets sitting on a flat car on the left. Taken from behind the Mobil station. 08/10/06~Z~
NYC Lansing - Where Is It ??446 viewsIf You Can make a comment, I'll add the information to the file description.flafiretwo
1225 at Sterling, MI Sunday Morning445 viewsTaken by my girlfriend with my digital camera while I was using my 35mm. Thanks, Angie! DLH
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