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GCFX 6057 passing East Lansing's Amtrak Station525 viewsmikekmac
July 11th523 viewsJuly 11 Part 5 - All done, and time to climb aboard to head west on CSX Q327. 07/11/04 ~Z~
BNSF 4342522 viewsSnapped off some photos while they were in the distance, then snapped on the video to watch them blow by Broadway St in Grandville. BNSF 4342 and BNSF 8834 on 06/02/06.~Z~
AMTRAK 350520 viewsAGUSTA MIA No.1
CSX C&O for progress heritage unit518 viewsYpsi
MMRR 179 & 180517 viewsMMRR 179 and MMRR 180 wait in the North Yard...if that's even what it's called anymore... with crews on duty. 11/11/05~Z~
CSX Chessie System Heritage unit517 viewsYpsi
RBBX 03 43005~0.jpg
RBBX 43005 Coach516 views9/25/06 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Train Red Unit. One of nearly 30 passenger cars of the 56 total. Built in 1964 by Steel Car as Union Pacific #5535. Northbound through Kalamazoo for Grand Rapids. Nice to see the sun out as the first half of this train went by. GP30M4216
CSXT 5102 and CEFX 3150515 viewsIf you think this is Q335, you're sorta wrong...right now, it's actually Y221-31 that started out on the east side of GR to pick up this dead Q335. Sorry about the tilt, was trying something new of photos and videos. Taken at Oakland Ave, 05/31/06~Z~
the forgotten P42513 viewsYpsi
The John Engler508 viewsIn the same commercial center, as the yellow caboose, was this Steam Locomotive named the John Engler, October 11, 2004. According to Gregg Pullano, it's former Augusta Railroad 300.gg1electrice60
1976 Penn Central's Last Month of Operations Charlotte508 viewsTop 3-18-76 Looking EB on Penn Central Towards the GTW diamond at Charlotte. GTW depot still had a weekday agent at the time.
Middle 2-17-76 PC freight crossing Oliver St. Charlotte..Old MC Freight House to the right in the photo. Flashing signals now removed at this crossing.
Botton 2-17-76 PC Freight clears Pleasant ST crossing...Notice Wabash box car ahead of caboose.
Larry G
CPOX 820507 viewsBNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a load from West Olive. Seen here at 76th St near Zeeland MI. 09/20/06~Z~
L502507 viewsCanadian National Train L502 Sits dead on the Port Huron Wye. Durand, MIbnfan
NYC Lansing - Where Is It ??506 viewsIf You Can make a comment, I'll add the information to the file description.flafiretwo
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