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Marquette Rail SD70M4370 viewsdone for MQT3001Ypsi
Ready for Work4308 views4914 sits at the north end of the service leads at Pontiac Yard
waiting for the next switch job to come on.

July 19, 2009.
NS GP38-2 #51574138 viewsClassic high hood GP38-2 #5157, a former Southern unit, rests its wheels on the interchange track at Milan, MI, this warm afternoon. It is the power for local job L64, which works days west out of Oakwood as far as Milan. The crew lays over here for lunch and parks the locomotive on the wye track to keep the mainline clear. Milan is the junction of the NS Detroit District (ex-Wabash) and Ann Arbor railroad. October 2, 2008.GP30M4216
UP yard.JPG
UP Yard3470 viewsLooking NW across the UP Cheyenne Yard.Railzfan
CN Power2459 viewsCN power leads this EB ethanol train through Leipsic.DT&I
First Amtrak photo2246 viewsTook this on the way back from class at WMU. 08/29/02~Z~
2233 viewsBig T
HESR 3038 after G&W paint2136 viewsPaul W
CSX North Baltimore Yard2134 viewsCG Tower
2101 viewsRailwidow
CP Exec 06.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific2052 viewsThe sixth car on CP 046 is another heavyweight open-end observation car, but it's so highly buffed that I can't read the car name! A total of seven of the nine passenger cars were open end observations, and all cars are from CP Rail's Executive/Royal Canadian Fleet. They are shown eastbound on the NS Chicago Line at Dunlap, Indiana, near Elkhart. Novebmer 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
Meanwhile in 19481891 viewsFebruary 14, 1948, Plymouth MI is the note on the edge of the 4x5 neg.
The photographers name is Walter Wilk. From
a friends collection I'm helping him scan and catalog.
CP Exec 05 NR Crump.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "NR Crump"1643 viewsThe fifth car on the Royal Canadian Pacific Executive Special was a sleeper car named "NR Crump." This is one of ten cars rolling east at track speed on the former NYC Water Level Route, as an Executive Special from Chicago to Toronto, by way of CPR trackage rights on the NS through Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. They are shown highballing through Dunlap, IN. NR Crump features four twin rooms and two single rooms within. November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
Inland Stone Locomotive1614 viewsStandard Railfan
Amtrak 353 at Royal Oak - 126 leading1549 viewsConrailDetr?oit
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