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"Maryland" M&NTCo Observation car.126 viewsThis Ex-B&O Pullman observation car is privately owned by the Companies President.ES44AH
M&NTCo 4-8-8-2 Cab-Forward.95 viewsEx-SP, these were the first articulateds bought by the M&N. They were bought from a private co. in 1973. All 3 currently have GPS and are MU equipped. Only in Helper and Extra service.ES44AH
M&NTCo C40-8 (MN class DRF-640a)90 viewsAnother ex-CR unit.ES44AH
M&NTCo ES40C (MN class DRF-640CE)83 viewsOriginally an NS unit and was built with a wide-cab, but after collision, it was rebuilt with a cab from a retired C40-8.ES44AH
M&NTCo CW44-9 (MN class DRF-644)80 viewsStill wearing its ATSF warbonnet scheme, #509 is one of the oldest modern engine on the reserve fleet.ES44AH
M&NTCo AC4400CW (MN class DRF-644AC)77 viewsBuilt as GECX 4400, a GE demo unit. It was bought by the M&N in 2004.ES44AH
M&NTCo GM6c (MN class ERF-660)76 viewsBuilt as GM 1975, it was a failed attempt to replace diesels during the oil crisis of the '70s. the M&N purchased the "Motor" in 1986 and runs on the Baltimor City line.ES44AH
M&NTCo 2-10-4 J1 class Texas69 viewsBuilt by the Juniata works in Altoona, this ex-PRR giant is used as a helper on the Sand Patch grade.ES44AH
M&NTCo Chevy Venture.62 viewsOne of 15, these serve as both inspection vans and crew change vans. ES44AH
M&NMX SP-159 viewsoriginally built by MLW as a CP T-1 Selkirk, this engine was extensively rebuilt in the Mt.Clare shops. ES44AH
M&NTCo 50ft Boxcar.58 viewsBuilt in the M&N's Cumberland shops, these replaced the aging fleet of boxcars from B&O and WMES44AH
M&NTCo 4-8-8-4 BigBoy56 viewsEx-UP 4011, this is the largest engine on the M&N roster. Originally coal-fired, but converted to oil in January 2013.ES44AH
M&NTCo 86ft Boxcar.56 viewsthere are only 3 owned by the M&N and are used form MoW as storage.ES44AH
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