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K909 in ChestertonThanks to the Zackmaster, Jon H and I were able to catch K909 rolling into Chesterton before coming to a stop to wait for NS to clear some trains. J TOct 14, 2007
32T and B09 in Porter, INCP 9700 leads 32T as it waits to let B09, led by NS 2643, get by. J TOct 14, 2007
Run!!Some kids were walking along the parked 32T in Porter while Jon H and I waited at a crossing for the CP train to get rolling. We knew the eastbound B09 NS train was just around the corner, so I sat down and zoomed in and waited patiently... When the headlight appeared, the kids scattered, but one decided to run down the tracks. HA! What a moron...he almost got a Darwin award. He managed to climb up the ladder of the last tank car and get through to the other side in time. J TOct 14, 2007
Z151 in NewaygoI have to admit I was a little disappointed when the train appeared and 3001 wasn't in the consist, but nevertheless, I got the shot I wanted after waiting for more than an hour. J TOct 10, 2007
BNSF 6029 at Lamar6029 provides some helper power for D802 as it pushes N967 into the Wyoming yard. J TOct 09, 2007
J TOct 07, 2007
WC 6919WC 6919 leads a train of mixed freight along the Grand River in Lansing. J TOct 06, 2007
Mama's Pizza carJ TSep 22, 2007
Mama's Pizza carJ TSep 22, 2007
Mama's Pizza carJ TSep 22, 2007
Zack waving at an approaching trainJ TSep 17, 2007
Less than one minute before the train came.J TSep 06, 2007
X500 in New RichmondCP 9584 leads X500 past MP 35 as it climbs the hill from New Richmond to East Saugatuck. J TAug 30, 2007
"Mr. 326, meet Mr. 335"After getting 326 from the other side of the Franklin St. bridge, I turned around and to my surprise, here comes 335. I quickly ran across the street and fired off a few as they approached each other. I knew 335 was in the area, but I didn't think they were THAT close. A nice chance meeting for me to witness.J TAug 29, 2007
Q326 at Graham St.J TAug 29, 2007
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