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WTF?J TDec 02, 2007
C&M 7014 w/ Navy in MarneAfter MMRR 24 brought Navy back to Marne, 7014 tied on and started its push back to Coopersville. The timing with the sun ducking between the clouds was perfect on this shot, too. Sometimes I get lucky on cloudy days. :-)J TDec 02, 2007
MMRR 24 in Walker24 on the siding before pulling five cars out of Van's.J TDec 01, 2007
MMRR 24 in Walker24 heads east toward 3 Mile Rd. after dropping off Navy in Marne and picking up an empty from Standard Lumber. J TDec 01, 2007
MMRR 24 in LowellAfter taking the empties from King Milling to the other side of the river for later pick up, 24 heads back through Lowell to begin her final journey to Greenville.J TNov 29, 2007
Otsego PaperA look toward Otsego Paper shows the new ballast that's been laid along with a ballast spreader parked nearby. I THINK that's a new switch as well, replacing the extra section of track that used to parallel the remaining line. There's also a tamping machine sitting down near the new docks being built. Both spurs along the north side of the plant have been given new ballast, so they must be planning on getting some decent sized rail shipments. Good news for Otsego and the rail business.J TNov 29, 2007
Trackwork in OtsegoDespite this looking like bad news for the line into Otsego, what's behind me is quite the opposite. There were two sets of tracks that originally went into Otsego Paper, but they've removed one at the street crossing and consolidated the rest of the spurs on the property from the one line. It's only a matter of time before this line sees traffic again, as they've laid new ballast on OP's property and are building new rail loading docks. Seen beyond the truck are two maintenance workers putting the finishing touches on the newly installed bumper. J TNov 29, 2007
AMTK 30 in Kalamazoo#30 leads 353 across the Kalamazoo river as it approaches the K-zoo station. J TNov 28, 2007
MMRR 24 in Lowell24 leads the load of hoppers across the Grand River bridge in Lowell.J TNov 27, 2007
MMRR 24 in Grand RapidsAfter dropping off a car at Precision Poly, 24 continues on to Lowell with a load of grain hoppers.J TNov 26, 2007
MMRR 24 in Grand Rapids24 pushes a load back into Rosewood, just west of Maryland Ave.J TNov 26, 2007
Nature wonIn a dual between man & nature, sometimes nature wins. In this case, the 62lb, 104 year old rail has been swallowed by the tree growing under it. J TNov 25, 2007
P371 near New Buffalo508 still looks great, even in gloomy weather. J TNov 25, 2007
P371 in St. Joseph508 leads the four Superliners around my favorite curve in St. Joseph. No boats out on the big lake today! :-)J TNov 25, 2007
P371 at RiversidePerched upon a large dirt pile, I was able to get up to cab level to get this shot just as 508 led its train into the curve at the Riverside Rd. crossing.J TNov 24, 2007
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