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Coal dumpJ TDec 30, 2007
X500-24 at BuchananThe last train in on Christmas Eve finally continues on its journey on the afternoon of the 26th. J TDec 27, 2007
P371 busting the snowbank at Wilson Ave. in GrandvilleThis was the highest pile of plowed snow I could find at any crossing between the yard and Jenison. I just wish they had been going a little faster.J TDec 24, 2007
X501 in HollandCP 8501 leads X501 south of Holland. Just a few minues before this, there was a near whiteout. I wanted to get a shot of them in the blowing snow, but just like on a partly sunny day when a cloud moves in front of the sun just as the train is approaching, the snow stopped just minutes before. bah!J TDec 23, 2007
UP 7772 near Fostoria7772 sits on the CSX mainline east of Fostoria due to a rumored derailment. Nothing came off the tracks and before long, the train was on its way again.J TDec 22, 2007
NS 3548 in HoltFibertec?J TDec 22, 2007
NS 3548 in LansingJ TDec 22, 2007
NS 3548 in LansingJ TDec 22, 2007
NS 3548 in LansingJ TDec 22, 2007
NS 3548 in LansingJ TDec 22, 2007
D803 in East SaugatuckWas sitting up in Holland waiting for Y121 to head to Heinz, and then got a text from Zack saying D803 was on the move going through Wells. By the time I got down to East Saugatuck, I heard them calling the west end signal already, so I stopped at 138th St. and got them clearing the east end of the siding.J TDec 20, 2007
MMRR 24 in Lowell24 pretends to be a midtrain DPU as it pushes and pulls hoppers over the Flat River in Lowell. J TDec 20, 2007
MMRR 24 in Grand Rapids24 is working hard going up the grade with 12 hoppers and 1 gondola as it approaches Coldbrook St. J TDec 20, 2007
X500 cruising along Buchanan Ave.J TDec 20, 2007
POOF!CN's Santa Train nails a freshly plowed Madison St. crossing in Bellevue, as seen from about a 1/2 mile away. J TDec 17, 2007
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