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MS 909 in Lawrence908 approaches the Red Arrow Highway crossing.J TMay 25, 2007
MS 908 in Lawrence908 at the Butcher Rd. crossing.J TMay 25, 2007
D803 in New RichmondAs I waited in New Richmond for a shot of P371 going over the trestle, I got a call from the Zack Master with news that a westbound coal train was following shortly behind. 24 minutes later, BNSF 5643 & 9480 came along pulling a load of empties.J TMay 23, 2007
X500 meets K352J TMay 22, 2007
X500 meets K352I headed over to Hall St. after X500, with the Cartier units, headed east out of the yard. I wanted to get some shots of them near Union Station, but as I came down the hill after going over the 131 overpass, the crossing gates went down and I heard a horn. I soon saw CSX 757 leading a loaded coke train, so I turned around and headed back to the old interurban bridge to get a shot of them crossing Godfrey as X500 waited for clearance. J TMay 22, 2007
MS 908 in HartfordMichigan Southern engine #908 sits quietly with caboose PREX 542 in Hartford, MI.J TMay 20, 2007
Y121 in HamiltonJust when they thought they'd lost me, I hid behind a barn to get this shot. haha (actually, I was sitting in my car on the road just shy of the next crossing).J TMay 20, 2007
Y121 in HamiltonTrackspeed is only about 5-10 mph between Hamilton and Holland, making this short run feel like a long trip. J TMay 20, 2007
Y121 in Hamilton2801 creeps slowly across the Rabbit River trestle with its five cars and caboose in tow.J TMay 20, 2007
Y121 in HamiltonThe next move is to get the caboose and tack it on to the near end of the cars. After that, 2801 will run around to the front, tie on and be on the way back to Holland.J TMay 20, 2007
Y121 in HamiltonI got into Hamilton just as they were finishing up there work. I didn't get a chance to see what they pushed back on that track, but I believe it was a covered hopper for the co-op. Here, 2801 just clears the tree as it comes back out. J TMay 20, 2007
WMRR 100West Michigan switcher 100 sits quietly just east of Hartford.J TMay 19, 2007
Amtrak in St. JoePere Marqette 371 rounds the bend in St. Joe with beautiful Lake Michigan in the background. J TMay 19, 2007
BWL stacks, "Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod" overlook the CN line in LansingJ TMay 18, 2007
NS 8430 in LansingJ TMay 16, 2007
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