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Y121 in HamiltonAfter coming through the "tunnel" of trees, 6134 brushes up against some overhanging branches.J TJul 04, 2007
Y121 in HamiltonI got down to Hamilton with plenty of time to scope out a good spot to get them coming through the thick overgrowth. Unfortunately, the sun was already to the other side of the tracks and casting dark shadows. However, this creates a nice tunnel effect.J TJul 04, 2007
Y121 in Holland6134 pulls its load of 7 hoppers around the curve just before the Waverly Rd. crossing.J TJul 04, 2007
Y121 in HollandAfter meeting up with Zack at the cemetery on 16th St. for lunch (haha), he headed back to work and I headed down to 8th St. There, I caught 121 heading south for Hamilton, so I turned around and went back to the cemetery. About 15 minutes earlier, Zack had pondered the idea of shooting the train going under the big tree along the tracks, so I had to try the shot. Thanks for the idea, buddy. :-) J TJul 04, 2007
K911 in New RichmondJ TJul 03, 2007
Q326 in GrandvilleHLCX 7232 leads Q326 around the bend along Chicago Dr.J TJun 29, 2007
Plascore spurJ TJun 29, 2007
Q327 in Grand Rapids#61 pulls a short train past the rail maintenance gang as they lock down for the night.J TJun 26, 2007
J TJun 25, 2007
GRE in Ada#24 emerges from the thick overgrowth near the Alta Dale Ave. crossing.J TJun 20, 2007
GRE in Grand Rapids#24 passes under the College Ave overpass after getting clearance to pass through the construction zone at the 196 overpass.J TJun 20, 2007
GRE in Grand Rapids#24 pulls the load across the Grand River trestle with a smog-filled downtown GR in the background.J TJun 20, 2007
GRE in Grand Rapids#24 pulls out three more cars to add onto the load that's heading east to Lowell. J TJun 20, 2007
BNSF 6069 at GR 97BNSF 6069 passes mile marker 97 at Linco Rd. with a VERY long load of empty coal cars before going into the Livingston siding to let X500 pass. J TJun 19, 2007
Old GT boxcars in Battle Creek's yardJ TJun 19, 2007
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