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Rochester Jct.JPG
Rochester Jct.I'm not sure, but this photo could possibly be at Rochester Jct. If so, you would be looking east along the NYC tracks. The building would be on Parke Davis property. You can make out the interchange track in the weeds, and the GTW diamond in the distanceRobert BellairsFeb 03, 2006
train & water tankMIGN 1501 and coaches pass water tower as they leave the lakefront rail yard, heading east toward Boyne Falls.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
MIGN 1501 at depot1501 with damaged window passes the BCRR depot platform, leaving Boyne City.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
Mission accomplished?MIGN 1501 with heavyweight coaches pass BCRR depot on their way back to Boyne Falls.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
Broken railThe foreground shows evidence of work done to repair broken rail. MIGN 1501 waits patiently in background near Lake St.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
MIGN 1501Handsome Michigan Northern RR engine 1501, with broken window extension.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
Boyne City RR car shopsCar shops of the Boyne City RR, on the waterfront in Boyne City, MI. Razed for the "One Water Street" development.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
MIGN 1501 - broken windowCloseup photo of MIGN 1501 with broken window extensionRobert BellairsJan 29, 2006
moving cars with bulldozerThese cars had to be brought out of the shops with a bulldozer, after a broken rail (near dozer) prevented removing cars with the locomotive.Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
Moving carsHeavyweight passenger cars being moved out of the Boyne City Railroad car shop, in Boyne City, MI, Jan 6, 1978Robert BellairsJan 29, 2006
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