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Last additions - Robert Bellairs
Fishing holeA third view of our old fishing hole taken from the MC bridge over Paint Creek. The Paint Creek Tavern (aka the Yacht Club) is directly behind the photographer. This spot remained secluded for many years, but now the deck of a trendy restaurant hovers over the old fishing hole.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC grade at Main St.Looking east toward Main St. The rails are gone, but the right of way is still open through town. Today it is hard to tell that a railroad ever went through this area!Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
Depot - 1Here is the depot after abandonment, but before all of the massive buildup in that area.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC grade at Rochester Jct.Looking east toward the junction, we see an abandoned signal mast, and the GTW tracks on the rightRobert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC concrete archThis sturdy concrete arch is located just south of the Clarkston - Kern Rd. grade crossing, south of Lake Orion.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC gradeI wish I had kept better notes about my photos. I believe this photo was taken somewhere around the Kern Rd. - Clarkston Rd. intersection.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
Lake Orion?I'm not sure, but I believe this stone arch bridge is just north of Lake Orion, along M-24.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
Dillman & Upton buildingAnother view of the fishing hole site beside the MC grade. The retaining wall is now gone. When we were here, it was like we were in our own little world - 100 feet from Main St.!!!!!Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC bridge - downtown RochesterLooking at this pastoral scene, you would never guess that this is about 100 feet west of Main St. in Rochester. Paint creek made a bend behind the Dillman & Upton Lumber yard buildings. This was another favorite fishing spot of my youth. At that time there was a stone retaining wall where we sat to fish and watch trains. At the time, the American Legion hall was at the foot of Walnut St., and they had a parking area/ball field behind the building. This location was down an embankment behind the ballfield. Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
Discarded signals near Rochester Jct.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC trestle at YatesPhoto of MC trestle remnants looking north at Yates.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC grade at GoodisonI believe this photo was taken at Goodison, because there appears to be a bridge immediately to the right of the RR grade.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC grade at Gunn roadPhoto of MC grade at Gunn Rd looking northRobert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC grade at Gunn roadPhoto taken from Gunn road bridge near Goodison, looking south. Note the open right-of-way free of trees and shrubs, and also the fallen telltale mast for the wooden bridge.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC trestle at YatesMC trestle looking east toward Yates Cider Mill.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
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