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GTW wreck in Rochester, MI, circa 1971Robert BellairsMay 11, 2006
Belveder train-2.JPG
Charlevoix swing bridgeNorthbound Chessie freight train is crossing the Charlevoix swing bridge as it approaches the depot.Robert BellairsMar 15, 2006
Rochester flood-1950-2.JPG
Flood 1950 - 2Looking east on the MC in Rochester, showing damage from flooding od Paint Creek.Robert BellairsMar 15, 2006
Rochester flood-1950-1.JPG
Flood 1950 - 1Aftermath of 1950 flood in Rochester shows track washed into Paint Creek. Rochester Elevator and MC depot are in the background.Robert BellairsMar 15, 2006
Belvedere train-1.JPG
Charlevoix swing bridgeThis northbound freight is crossing the long pile trestle which makes up the southern approach to the swing bridge.Robert BellairsMar 15, 2006
Charlevoix freight depot.JPG
Charlevoix freight depotThis old building was located north of the much photographed Charlevoix passenger station. This area of former rail property is no home to large houses of priveledge - named the C & O Club! Train shown is headed to Petoskey, and the date is December, 1979.Robert BellairsMar 15, 2006
Near Rochester Jct.This old crossbuck was located at the end of 3rd St. where the sewage treatment plant access road crossed the GTW tracks. The NYC tracks are in the background, as they climb a stiff grade heading north.Robert BellairsMar 15, 2006
MC depot - RochesterStreet side view of the Rochester depot.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
First Street - under the bridgeRobert BellairsMar 14, 2006
Under the bridge - looking southRobert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC concrete archThis concrete arch spans Paint Creek just south of the Rochester depot. In 1950 or 51, the flood waters of Paint Creek piled debris against the upstream side of this bridge, causing a flood which washed away part of the MC roadbed. The grandmother of a childhood friend was the lone fatality from this flood.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC depot - RochesterSouthbound side of Rochester depot.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC depot - RochesterTrack side view of Rochester depot. Many years ago I would have needed a boat to take this shot, as I would have been in the middle of Chapman's mill pond.Robert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC depot - RochesterOutside detail of the Rochester depotRobert BellairsMar 14, 2006
MC depot - RochesterOutside detail of the Rochester depotRobert BellairsMar 14, 2006
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