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UP 9293UP 9293 leads a mixed up freight with a few UP engines westward on the NS (only line with action since CSX, for all practical purposes, was shut down. 10/04/04 ~Z~Mar 09, 2005
CSX 2622CSX #2622 pulls a loaded autorack train south (or east as CSX refers to it) on the C&O. This line runs from Toledo to Columbus, which seems north/south to me. 10/04/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
CSX 8336CSX 8336 teams up with NS to bring this CSX train south on the C&O near the C&O/NS diamond. 10/04/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
CSX 7886CSX 7886 pulls as a yard job out of the South Yard on the C&O main. 10/04/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
NS 9796NS 9796 leads some mixed freight westbound along an access road. This site may be used in the near future for a railfan park. Last train of the day, and we headed north out of town. 10/04/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
CSX 7330CSX #7330 leads a former Conrail unit south on the C&O, heading towards Fostoria. This was taken just off of US-23, at the intersection of Township Highway 35 and US23. Town of Longley would be the place. 10/04/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
BNSF 5177BNSF 5177 heads east by itself as the first of 43 trains in South Bend on 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
BNSF 5177BNSF #5177 heads by a westbound 4 car train as the first meet happened. I had only been there for 2 minutes when this happened. 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
NS 9370NS 9730 leads a trio eastbound past me in South Bend. 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
BNSF 4828BNSF #4828 leads a duo of pumpkin engines westbound past my seat near fifth third bank. 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
NS 8948NS 8948 pulls a short string of tankers up the hill near Arnold St - 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
CN 5273CN 5273 and CN 5269 pull a westbound autorack train on 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
UP 8512UP 8512 and UP 8514 lead a manifest eastwards at Arnold St. 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
PRR 8419PRR ex conrail 8419 and BNSF 4873 on the move eastwards - 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
NS 9877NS 9877 and ex-Conrail 8381 head lite eastwards after crossing through the CN tracks. 09/19/04~Z~Mar 09, 2005
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