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ES44AHApr 09, 2013
ES44AHApr 09, 2013
"Maryland" M&NTCo Observation car.This Ex-B&O Pullman observation car is privately owned by the Companies President.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo C40-8 (MN class DRF-640a)Another ex-CR unit.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo CW44-9 (MN class DRF-644)Still wearing its ATSF warbonnet scheme, #509 is one of the oldest modern engine on the reserve fleet.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo ES40C (MN class DRF-640CE)Originally an NS unit and was built with a wide-cab, but after collision, it was rebuilt with a cab from a retired C40-8.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo AC4400CW (MN class DRF-644AC)Built as GECX 4400, a GE demo unit. It was bought by the M&N in 2004.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo ES44AC (MN class DRF-644AE)Originally ordered by BNSF, but after order was cancelled the M&N picked it up. It is the hardest working diesel-electric on the M&N.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo GM6c (MN class ERF-660)Built as GM 1975, it was a failed attempt to replace diesels during the oil crisis of the '70s. the M&N purchased the "Motor" in 1986 and runs on the Baltimor City line.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo Chevy Venture.One of 15, these serve as both inspection vans and crew change vans. ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo Heavyweight caboose.Built by the CN, these 5 cabooses are used on the heavy coal drags. They are about 10 tons heavier than CNs caboose.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo "Fast Lane Service" Roadrailer.Started in March 2013, two roadrailer trains run between Baltimore and Pittsburg, with an extension to Chicago. These are specially built with all aluminum construction.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 86ft Boxcar.there are only 3 owned by the M&N and are used form MoW as storage.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 50ft Boxcar.Built in the M&N's Cumberland shops, these replaced the aging fleet of boxcars from B&O and WMES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NMX SP-1originally built by MLW as a CP T-1 Selkirk, this engine was extensively rebuilt in the Mt.Clare shops. ES44AHApr 04, 2013
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