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Last additions - Maryland & Northern Roster
M&NMX X-1 "the Tank"Its nickname comes from the steel body shell. Built by the Baldwin Locomotive works as a SP class P-10 pacific.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NMX Russell Snowplow.The oldest piece of rolling stock on roster.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NMX Self-propelled steam craneThis steam crane is used to pick up derailments.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 2-8-8-4 EM-1 class YellowstoneThe sole survivor of the B&O's Mighty EM-1. It still serves on B&O tracks and fights the steep grade over the Allegheny Mountains. Now M&N heritage 7609.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 2-10-4 J1 class TexasBuilt by the Juniata works in Altoona, this ex-PRR giant is used as a helper on the Sand Patch grade.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 2-8-8-2 Y6bThe last Y6b built, this monster was built in 1952 as NW 2200. Still serves its purpose hauling heavy coal drags.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo NGS-1D 4-4-4-2+B1-1BInspired by the fail ACE-3000 locomotive, te NGS-1D are the most technological advanced steamers ever built. They generate up to 6000hp and have a max. speed of 75mph. only 5 built.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 4-8-8-4 BigBoyEx-UP 4011, this is the largest engine on the M&N roster. Originally coal-fired, but converted to oil in January 2013.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
M&NTCo 4-8-8-2 Cab-Forward.Ex-SP, these were the first articulateds bought by the M&N. They were bought from a private co. in 1973. All 3 currently have GPS and are MU equipped. Only in Helper and Extra service.ES44AHApr 04, 2013
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