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BNSF 8409A 3 month old ACe unit trails on this West Olive coal train, seen on the west leg of the wye in Holland. It just finished giving D80227 a shove up Saugatuck Hill, and now passing some peak fall foliage.
Train is D80128, 10/28/14
~Z~10/30/14 at 17:31J T: Train is D802. The pushers are D801.
BNSF 6164The E93712 that sat in Wyoming Yard for a few days finally makes its way west nearing New Richmond. 2nd unit dumped it's water over the weekend.. decision was made to just leave the unit off and let Chicago fix it. Lots of clouds out this day, but found a sucker hole. 10/20/14~Z~10/22/14 at 16:15J T: Add a little juice to your day with BNSF!
Penn Jct Picture 1Penn Jct looking west towards Coopersville from on top the GTW grade.trnwatcher06/24/14 at 00:25J T: Looking east. The shadow from the rail head on th...
CSXT 2659Had a free night, debated between seeing if Y121 was going to work Holland's dock track, or heading to GR to see if the west side job was working. After a short delay with them at Taco Town, here they are southbound over the Grand River with minutes before the sun went behind the trees. 10/05/11~Z~04/07/13 at 20:53J T: Leaning to the right.
i995impalass12/04/11 at 17:39J T: High bridge? haha
JT!Jochs11/04/11 at 17:58J T: That's a weird face I'm making. I look ...
Meanwhile in 1948February 14, 1948, Plymouth MI is the note on the edge of the 4x5 neg.
The photographers name is Walter Wilk. From
a friends collection I'm helping him scan and catalog.
Brian_F08/31/11 at 23:57J T: Wow!
CSXT 2659Heard D70009 was going by Grand Junction as I was just south of Holland. Took the side roads just south of the Kalamazoo River near Fennville and got this of them eastbound(north) at 56th St. 02/10/11~Z~02/11/11 at 22:43J T: 131st St. crossing, not 56th.
GLC 2.3.11389-393 outside of Farwell.KC02/06/11 at 11:04J T: Excellent!
BNSF 5885Sat eating some TB in the Roost block waiting, continued north chatting with Tlout when they passed me southbound. Made it back to the west leg of the wye to grab them. E95011 on 12/14/10~Z~01/11/11 at 11:54J T: Nice! And you still managed to get a little fall ...
Y121 in Zeeland October 11, 2010It's hard to tell what way this train is going but the caboose is in the lead as Y121 leaves Zeeland crossing over James Street on it's way back to Waverly YardSteveHiuzenga01/05/11 at 22:19J T: Someone needs to clean their camera's sensor....
P370-23amtrak100701/05/11 at 17:25J T: Didn't you already upload this one on Dec 26?
Guess Who This Is?Guess who this is by commenting on the photo. It is a very bad picture because for some reason my printer did not want to scan this picture, so I just took a picture of this picture. It is a photo from a film camera.bnsfben11/30/09 at 19:49J T: What's Leese doing in that photo, some kind of...
beautifuli would love to ride in this and so would everybody else thats aroundredside2008/01/09 at 12:20J T: Tops, no one wants your greasy leftovers.
Looking for spare changeLooking for pennies flattened by the SP 4449 excursion train on July 31, 2009.Tlout08/01/09 at 12:18J T: Trespassers. All of them! Tim, your wife is the...
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