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CP6029 CP9657 Lead X500 through Plymouth 02-07-2009Crow T Robot01/09/10 at 00:13RailCanon: I was just down the line a few hundred feet. Chase...
~Z~12/16/09 at 20:31RailCanon: This is one of JRVs. Very easy to pick out his sho...
Gregg chases cam who has greggs donut.GLC 39211/17/09 at 22:16RailCanon: My doctor has actually told me to gain a little an...
Gregg chases cam who has greggs donut.GLC 39211/17/09 at 14:43RailCanon: Okay, honest question. People are telling me that ...
Gregg chases cam who has greggs donut.GLC 39211/17/09 at 14:39RailCanon: That was when I was getting to be at my worst...do...
CP PittGLC Signal at Pitts JctTrainWatcher10/15/09 at 12:28RailCanon: No CP or S. Just Pitt Jct.
Q38111Y@10/11/09 at 22:51RailCanon: Not as ugly as a base SD70M or SD70MAC.
CP Train X50010 - HowellThe first signs of autumn color provide a nice accent for CP 8550's red paint as it leads X50010 east toward Walnut Street.
[October 11, 2009]
PSK at CH45.210/11/09 at 16:30RailCanon: Q326(T/Th)/L326(Su), Q327(M/W/F), Q334, Q335, X500...
GreggGregg Pullano at FostoriaMr. Tops10/02/09 at 21:54RailCanon: I have to wonder what I did with that sweatshirt.....
GTW 4924GTW GP9R 4924 crossing the Durand Diamond as L502.TrainWatcher09/18/09 at 12:18RailCanon: James...you fail
The ArrivalEspee 4449 rolls into Durand, Michigan.

July 19, 2009
Brian_F09/07/09 at 11:39Gregg Pullano: Yep...that be the man.
Amtrak 350 leaving Detroit.7.16.09ConrailDetr?oit08/17/09 at 20:34Gregg Pullano: IT'S IAN!!!
With a Bell on Her Nose6418, is in the dip, on the hill just west of Imlay City, heading west in 1989.gtw581208/14/09 at 09:33Gregg Pullano: Those were Western Railroad Suppy Company bells. W...
GTW 9014 - Where Is This ?This image of F3A 9014 is a scan of a 35mm slide. The exact location is unknown, but it would have been within walking distance of Trowbridge Tower.... a location which is now Trowbridge Junction ! I was at MSU between 1964 and 1967. The fact that it is 35mm would suggest that it is 1965.flafiretwo08/07/09 at 15:59Gregg Pullano: That's actually Harrison road, not Hagadorn, w...
MSU Display of 1225The fence didn't help the view......flafiretwo08/07/09 at 15:53Gregg Pullano: It was assigned a number in the C&O system (26...
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