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BNSF 4093Heading west at Dietz Rd just west of Webberville. 02/20/15~Z~
CN 2681Right after JT, Jon, and Jon left, we see CN 2681 heading east away from the sun, kickin up some exhaust about to go under Aurelius Rd. 04/21/07~Z~
CSXT 7895CSXT 7895 leads a short CSX Q327 westbound nearing Harrison... Sorry for being "stupid", Gregg. 04/21/07~Z~
CN 2649Up went the green signal on the close track, so we booked it towards them to get this shot of them rounding the corner. CN 2649 with BNSF 6722 trailing. 04/21/07~Z~
BNSF 8017First decent shot in Lansing of the day, we see Gregg waving to BNSF 8017...later he'll be getting more shots of Mr Leese and I getting more photos :) 04/21/07~Z~
Charlotte Southern 3On the way back home at the end of the 4 day Fostoria trip, we see Charlotte Southern with it's few passenger cars sitting in Charlotte. 10/02/05~Z~
CSX 7686CSX #7686, HLCX #9026, another CSX engine and a CSX remote sled #9178 head west past M-52 in Webberville. 10/04/04~Z~
CSX 473CSX 473 on N920-21 pulls this loaded coal westwards toward GR and final point of West Olive. I liked how the sun barely lit up just the engine and was shadows throughout the rest. 1/21/06~Z~
CN 2532CN 397 heads west with CN 2532, CN 2682, CN 5527, along with NS SD70M-2 2720 and 2719 here at Harrison Rd. 1/21/06~Z~
HLCX 6135Gregg's quote: "A former Southern Pacific Tunnel Motor and a CSX SD40 lead a short 40 car Q335 towards Harrison Road."
The siding for MSU's coal plant can be seen to the left as well. 1/21/06
BNSF 5678Trio of BNSF's head past the Amtrak Depot in East Lansing. BNSF 5678, BNSF 5677, and BNSF 4328 lead this empty coal train westwards. 01/21/06~Z~
BNSF 5678Trio of BNSF's blast through a little snowdrift at Harrison Rd. BNSF 5678, BNSF 5677, and BNSF 4328 lead this empty coal train westwards. 01/21/06~Z~
CSX 4730CSX 4730 and CSX 8763 haul along in the snow on CN lines..rare to see CSX power, and two units in fact with no other units trailing, here on CN. 01/21/06~Z~
CN 5709After talking with Pat C, he says later and gets in his car. Give him a quick call while he's leavin, telling him we have a headlight! Up comes CN 5709 and CN 5653 that's been through a few snowplow drifts. 1/21/06~Z~
UP 4000Heading into Lansing on I-496, got off the exit at Trowbridge...watched the diamond and was glad to see no train going through at the moment. Round the corner at Harrison Rd, and the gates go down. Unzip the camera bag, lean out the window and grab this..of course there's an hour lull after this grabshot. 1/21/06~Z~
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