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IC 3115 & IC 3117IC 3115 and IC 3117 in Operation Lifesaver paint head east past the Schoolcraft Depot. 05/14/04 ~Z~
NS 9793NS #9793 heads NS 36E north past E Clay St in Schoolcraft MI. 05/14/04 ~Z~
UP 9546 & UP 3000 United WayUP #9546 and UP #3300 ( United Way Unit) heads westward past 10th street in Schoolcraft. 04/16/04 ~Z~
GT 4619 & GT 4906GT #4619 (GP-9) and GT #4906 head east past the depot in Schoolcraft on the 509 local. 04/15/04 ~Z~
UP 9033UP #9033 leads this trio of UP power on a westbound CN train over the NS/CN diamond. Glad I was out watching this with Kevortian than doing taxes like some others. 04/15/04 ~Z~
CN 2524CN #2524 heading westbound past the Schoolcraft Depot. Taken 01/05/04 by "SK" ~Z~
Dog eating DeerOut by 10th street, saw a dog eating this deer, so I snapped a pic. It later ran off with the deer's tail. 11/21/03 @ 10:21am ~Z~
CP 8510 & CP 8509CP #8510 and #8509 run elephant style east past 18th street in Craft. 11/21/03 @ 9:35am ~Z~
NS 5424NS #5423 on the NS 49J with 2 ex Conrail units headed south past W. YZ road just south of Craft. 11/21/03 @ 9:22am ~Z~
BNSF 6901BNSF #6901(ex Santa Fe) on the NS 29V autorack train headed north at Schoolcraft. 11/06/03 @ 3:28pm ~Z~
UP 6684UP #6684 and an SP engine head west at 10th street in Schoolcraft. 11/07/03 @ 3:44pm ~Z~
CN 2445CN #2445 leading DWP #5908 through Schoolcraft slowly because of a 10 mph restriction on the diamond. 9:29am on 10/16/03. This lead unit would have to stop further down the line due to flame out of the engine. ~Z~
UP 3349UP #3349 headed east quickly past 10th street @ 9:53am on 10/16/03 ~Z~
BNSF 7330BNSF #7330 headed east past 10th street @ 10:33am on 10/13/03 ~Z~
Track ForemanA foreman heading west to inspect at 10th street @ 9:28am on 10/10/03 ~Z~
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