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CN 2541CN 2541 leads another westbound through Durand. 04/30/05~Z~
CN 6111Tried a shorter and wider crop for this one as CN 6111 and CN 6105 head around the Chicago wye. 04/30/05~Z~
UP 3831UP 3831 heads north along the Holly with a string of containers. 04/30/05~Z~
CPDark day in Durand, as usual with our spring meets. A CP runthrough, well, runs through :) 04/30/05~Z~
CN 2676CN 2676 heads west on the close main past DUS. 04/30/05~Z~
PhotolineThe usual fence photoline at our meetings. What camera is that that Patrick is holding? 04/30/05~Z~
An eye is upon you...."Spinning complacently in the darkness
Covered and blinded by a blanket of little lives
False security has lulled the madness of this world into a slumber
Wake Up!
An eye is upon you
Staring straight down and keenly through,
Seeing all that you are and everything that you can never be
Yes, an eye is upon you, an eye ready to blink.
SO face forward, with arms wide open and mind reeling
Your future has arrived...Are you ready to go?" - Powerman 5000

For gregg, 9587 leads this empty coal train north along the Holly with the cops watching on. 04/30/05
CN 2575CN 2575 heads this autorack with quite a load of power westbound past the DUS. 04/30/05~Z~
BNSF 1037BNSF 1037 pulls onto the Chicago wye for this now southeast bound autorack train. 04/30/05~Z~
GTW 5948First of i believe 9 trains in about 12 hours at Durand. GTW 5948 has the honors of starting us into this slow, cold, and cloudy day. 04/30/05~Z~
CN 2614 & CN 2685Train 391 backs into Durand Yard, picking up 45-50 cars. Leading is CN 2614 and CN 2685 with a total of 104 cars. Some of the group of railfans watch as they slowly back up. 08/28/04 ~Z~
CN 2614 & CN 2685Train 391 backs into Durand Yard, picking up 45-50 cars. Leading is CN 2614 and CN 2685 with a total of 104 cars. Train is framed with the Durand water tower to the right. 08/28/04 ~Z~
UP 3988 & UP 2035UP #3988 and UP #2035 lead an empty autorack train from Chicago to Pontiac. Headed home after this train; great meeting guys, hope to have another one soon. 05/01/04 ~Z~
UP 5662, UP 1444 & ex Rio GrandeCN #5662, UP #1444 and an ex Rio Grande head eastbound with mixed freight past the diamond in Durand. 05/01/04 ~Z~
CN 5729CN #5729 on a CN local switching out cars at Durand Yard. These engines also posed for a while at this location. 05/01/04 ~Z~
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