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CSXT 2639Here's D700 eastbound near MP 10 around Port Sheldon - 04/17/09 ~Z~
CSXT 2567Caught up to D700 one more time for a quick grab shot at Ivanrest. 04/04/09~Z~
CSXT 2567Coming out of the hole in Hudsonville for Amtrak, here's Reflecto saying hi on D700. 04/04/09~Z~
CSXT 2567Managed to nab D700 in three spots, Hudsonville, near Jenison, and in Grandville...here's the Jension shot. 04/04/09~Z~
CSXT 510Sat up on the embankments for I-196 in Grandville with cnw8835 for this westbound Q19530. He took a higher approach, I shot through the tree. 10/30/10~Z~
Amtrak 90230Amtrak photo from me? what the... ah, very rare engine, that be why :) P37104 going west nearing Hudsonville. 04/04/09~Z~
CSXT 7628Knabbed Q32619 on the way into work near Port Sheldon in some sweet morning light. 03/19/09~Z~
CSXT 439Q32708 west at Port Sheldon..been wanting to try this shot again from back when I used to live in Jenison. 07/09/10~Z~
CEFX 1031Ah, reroutes! I remember getting this shot right after chatting with the captain about how out of hand the P/R/E board was getting... odd how some of this crap is coming back to me almost 2 years after the photo was taken and finally uploaded :) 07/21/08~Z~
CSXT 535Went with Cory (slyguy1500) down towards the mini-golf course in Grandville to get Q326. Creeks were massively flooded down there, saw them around 10:10am. 06/08/08~Z~
CSXT 8833Forgot my wide angle, so used the 70-200 wide open for CSX Q32624. Having gotten a red at Hudsonville, then banner tested, cnw8835 and I watched them head through Jenison from a perch up where westbound I-196 used to be. CSXT 8833 leading. 05/24/08~Z~
CP 9502Holy bejebus, flooded! CP X50007 eastbound through Jenison shot from the under construction W. I-196. 06/08/08~Z~
Amtrak 90368Who said I don't railfan Amtrak? Oh wait, I did... P37110 westbound in Jenison. 05/10/08~Z~
CSXT 481Left for work early to nab Q32615 in Grandville, good mornin sunlight. 04/15/08~Z~
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