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CSXT 2654Y12106 heading south long hood forward with 9 cars for Hamilton, seen near the spur at Fillmore Rd. 08/06/15~Z~
CSXT 6040After meeting N91014 and D80214 pushers at Saugatuck, D70015 heads west across the Kalamazoo River and on towards Coloma to drop off these two boxcars, pickup one, run around their train, and head back to Holland for a large pickup. 07/15/15~Z~
CSXT 265After meeting Amtrak P37128 at Wells, Q32628 then headed east up the hill at Saugatuck. Was going by at a decent clip for the headend, rear end was likely below 10mph as they crested the hill. 07/28/15~Z~
BNSF 9069D80214 headed down to Wells as lite power to push this N91014 up the curves of Saugatuck Hill. Moving at a decent clip as the headend passed me, but going at a walking speed as the rear pushers went by a few minutes later. 07/18/15 - west of 133rd Ave.~Z~
CSXT 7858Q326 east nearing Vriesland - 07/02/15~Z~
CSXT 6040After dropping a few cars off in Holland, D700 proceeds timetable west nearing Saugatuck, where they'll wait in the siding for an eastbound coal train. Afterwards, it's a straight shot to Coloma to drop there two cars, pick up one, run around their "train" and head back to Holland for a long pickup. 140th/54th St 07/15/15~Z~
CSXT 9969After a heads up from SD80MAC and NEVETS that this W003 inspection train was clear at Harlem north of Holland, I headed to 17th St to watch them come timetable west. 5/13/15~Z~
CSXT 4541After bagging Y121 over on the Hamilton Spur, headed southwest out to 140th to get Q335. 335 lately has been 150+ cars from Toledo to Grand Rapids. They dump off all the GR cars and continue on to the BRC with the rest of their manifest. 05/01/15~Z~
CSXT 6040Was waiting for Q335 to show up when I heard Y121 working nearby on the Hamilton Spur. Headed over to 40th Ave to see them preparing to work Sherwin Williams. 05/01/15~Z~
CP 9624Q33502 westbound at Saugatuck with a "matched" set, one burnt up though.~Z~
CP 9640Q32701. Odd power for the area, we see CP 9640 leading a CSX freight solo, heading through the curves of the Kalamazoo River valley near Saugatuck. 04/01/15~Z~
CSXT 7608Q32702 west nearing 112th in Zeeland. 02/03/15~Z~
CSXT 5232Q33523 west at 76th Ave just east of Zeeland. 03/24/2015~Z~
BNSF 8409A 3 month old ACe unit trails on this West Olive coal train, seen on the west leg of the wye in Holland. It just finished giving D80227 a shove up Saugatuck Hill, and now passing some peak fall foliage.
Train is D80128, 10/28/14
BNSF 6164The E93712 that sat in Wyoming Yard for a few days finally makes its way west nearing New Richmond. 2nd unit dumped it's water over the weekend.. decision was made to just leave the unit off and let Chicago fix it. Lots of clouds out this day, but found a sucker hole. 10/20/14~Z~
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