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Selfridge Army Airfield 1917 Dan MJul 15, 2010

Port Huron Area Photos


Photography of trains and related railroad subjects in and around Port Huron, Michigan.

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Model Railroad


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Greater Michigan Railroad Photos


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SRI / PM 1225 & Flag Coal


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Where is it? Selfridge Army Air FieldSelfridge during its construction. Look at all the modern equipment. To think that all those gondolas were unloaded by hands!!Dan M
Deer at TappenDon't you hate when you have a great shot of something and then some idiot does this? The deer was by the pine tree behind the car. The car sped around the gates, and yes a train was about 60 feet off to the right of the photo. Yes, the deer was gone (a doe) but it would have been a nice shot.Dan M
Where?Where is it?
What is it (building).
Dan M

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Where is it?No really, I want to know. This was taken from the observation car on the Bellevue Banner 1987 somewhere is South East Michigan. I am thinking south of Detroit.

BWMC NRHS Bellevue Banner featuring the N&W 611. Pulled by GTW 5818 & 5813 while in Michigan.
Dan M10/01/16 at 11:01M.D.Bentley: OHIO ?
Where is it?Dan M08/05/13 at 21:05milineamtrak: not ford utica
Where is it?Dan M08/04/13 at 18:10wagnew0923: Isn't that the siding to the Ford Plant off t...