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BNSF 5776E94905 on 9/8/14 - see near Rose St in Holland.~Z~Sep 16, 2014
CSXT 62110:00am - Sounds like D70002 and Q32701 are still trying to get underway to get west out of Grand Rapids. Q32602 is sitting out at Hudsonville waiting on these guys. Not sure if Q335 got to drag themselves in from Fox or if crew got taxied back to the office. 11:15am - q32701 still having issues with getting air on their train, D70002 can't leave, and Q32602 can't get into GR. Carmen saying the place is in chaos. 11:35am - q32701 finally done with airtest. Just heard they get to do work at Waverly including a 6500' setoff. If they need to pickup some hot Muskegon cars and take to Chicago also, I understand. If it's just a setoff, what a snafoo. D700 has been waiting behind Q327 for hours. Dispatcher just said they could let d700 go first as they need to go long today, called D700, but now D700 crew not ready to depart. Q327 will tie up Holland with this massive train, and d700 will be stuck behind them for a while. If dispatcher knew q327 had to work holland and d700 wanted to get around them, why not give th~Z~Sep 16, 2014
Signals 4141E and 4142EA cantilever signal bridge is in place to replace the signals near MP 414 on the Norfolk Southern Chicago Line.justalurker66Sep 16, 2014

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Owossocontract work for locomotive rebuilder engine in Owosso 1991Gov. Crappo
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Where is it?Secret!TC Man08/21/14 at 18:28KC: its the 3rd weekend in August
Where is it?Secret!TC Man08/19/14 at 09:44wagnew0923: Alma or Traverscity
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